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L'Atelier, the BNP Paribas Group’s technology and innovation tracking unit for over 30 years.

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L'Atelier, tracking innovative uses of information and communication technologies

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L'Atelier is established in three major geographical areas that are key for innovation – the United States, China and Europe – so as to spot trends and opportunities and advise and support companies. The tracking unit provides its services through four channels: the Media section shares the results of L’Atelier’s monitoring work via the website, a radio programme and on the social media; the Events service organises dialogue and information exchange around current innovation topics; Digital Strategy Advisory helps to put identified innovations into context for companies and specific professions; and last but not least L'Atelier Lab brings innovative entrepreneurs into contact with major corporations so that they can work together to invent and design new digital products and services.

Three functional lines, three geographical zones

L'Atelier's three functional lines are complimented by the three geographical zones in which it operates: Europe, the Americas and Asia. It is thus possible to follow its latest experimental initiatives in very different ecosystems. It is the close ties with the parent company, the exchanges of information between its various entities, and the encounters arranged and led by its three principal lines of activity that determine the unique character – and strengths – of L'Atelier.

L'Atelier Paris

L'Atelier Europe

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L'Atelier Paris

L'Atelier San Francisco

L'Atelier Amériques

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L'Atelier San Francisco

L'Atelier spots ideas, disseminates them, and helps companies put them into practice

Our unit keeps a worldwide watch on innovations, in both the public and private sector.  Once identified, we share these trends through our various media channels - website, newsletters and social networks – or via our media partners such as Intereconomia, BFM Business, and MSN. Our work encompasses IT strategy, e-commerce, and social media, but we also have a keen eye for the cultural angles and an appreciation of the fun that these new trends can provide.

L'Atelier events - the place for discussing ideas

L'Atelier has always had a tradition of sharing its ideas on company transformation through the medium of conferences, in Shanghai, San Francisco or Paris. L'Atelier's trademark is to be the interface between your company's business and today's innovating communities in the areas of marketing, communication, e-commerce, human resources and information technology, whether the ideas stem from L'Atelier's own tracking activities or from working hand-in-hand with our partners.

Strategic ICT consulting group - analysing and implementing ideas

Rather than just pointing you towards the latest iconic start-ups or best practice from leading-edge IT performers in Asia, the U.S., Africa, the Middle East or Europe, l'Atelier's principal vocation is to place these innovations in the context of your company and your needs, so that you can draw out the lessons that will benefit your business.

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  • Converse

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