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As the parent company of the Asian and North American subsidiaries, L'Atelier Paris has cross-functional teams in all its offices (media, development and communications), as well as a team dedicated to the specific aspects of innovation in Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA).

Stimulating the innovative ecosystem in France

L'Atelier is closely associated with the financing ecosystem and with supporting start-ups in the Ile de France region and throughout metropolitan France. Its aim is to familiarise new businesses with the specific characteristics of large corporate groups – and to help the various business lines and specialist departments of larger companies to understand the organisational models and ideas put forward by entrepreneurs.

Examples : Le Camping, Founder Institute, Audencia, FrenchWeb

Identifying trends

Because it is firmly entrenched in ecosystems that are developing cutting-edge high- and low-tech innovations, L'Atelier possesses considerable expertise in bringing together large corporate groups wishing to transform their business models and small but fast-growing companies in the fields of e-commerce, m-commerce, e-learning and even social media.

Services: study tours (“Learning Expeditions”) to Paris, northern Europe and Africa.

Clients include: Danone, SNCF, the BNP Paribas group...

Understanding the challenges associated with using technologies

In France, L'Atelier not only assists companies in identifying new and potentially valuable technologies, but also in applying them effectively in a business context. What's more, our local teams have specific expertise in supporting and setting up organisations that encourage innovation.

Introduction to French-speaking environments

With its own media channels and its media partners, L’Atelier Paris enables user companies, experts and entrepreneurs to share ideas with their counterparts throughout the French-speaking world. Its events in Paris attract specialists from various business support departments (marketing, human resources, NICT, communication) from all over France.

Examples : L'Atelier Numérique sur BFM Business, MSN France et MSN Belgique, Themas et Conferences

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