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L’Atelier North America fields a team of young tech enthusiasts whose mission – and passion – is to track disruptive innovation happening right across the United States. Located in San Francisco, we are at the cutting edge of tech innovation and immersed on a daily basis in the startup ecosystem of Silicon Valley.

Our clients rely on our team to provide them with intelligence on what is happening – the entrepreneurial scene, tech trends, new consumer behavior and local tech culture – here in the Valley and throughout the US so as to help them seize business-crucial opportunities. For over ten years now, L’Atelier North America has been helping companies understand how technological innovation is going to change their business. Our team is at your service to assist and accelerate your company’s journey into the tech universe.


L'Atelier North America, monitors and analyses tech innovations and trends in Silicon Valley and across the United States. For over ten years now we have been working to help companies to understand the impact that the digital revolution is likely to have on their particular industry and to draw up and implement an appropriate digital strategy.

We work for a number of companies, ranging from midcap firms to leading French corporations featured in the CAC 40 index, in multiple sectors including retail, agrifoods, transport, health, real estate and media as well as financial services – the core business of our parent BNP Paribas.

Our expertise cover various fields linked to the challenge of the new technologies and the new habits and ways of doing things, enabled by these technologies. We have built up extensive knowhow during a decade of tracking and analyzing the emergence of players ranging from promising new startups to the four digital giants Google, Apple, Facebook and Amazon; spotting digital trends and other ICT developments; testing out new products and services and meeting up with experts in these areas.

Our services to clients range from providing annual ‘Radar’ reporting to rapid-reaction strategic advisory work.

Learning Expeditions

L'Atelier North America regularly organizes ‘total immersion’ trips designed for company executives and managers looking to understand more about the challenges and potential opportunities arising from digital tools and leverage some of the innovations and new approaches that are a daily reality for this living lab known to the world as Silicon Valley. We will take you on a fascinating journey through the Bay Area startup world. Our Learning Expeditions frequently serve as a catalyst for exploiting business opportunities involving our clients and Silicon Valley-based US players.

L'Atelier North America has also become a major meeting hub for notable French economic and political figures visiting the Bay Area. In 2014 we had the honor of hosting the visit of France’s President François Hollande during his trip to San Francisco. + link


The activities of the L'Atelier Lab in North America serve to create a virtuous circle of contacts and fruitful partnership by identifying startups working on the most promising innovations and putting them in touch with major corporations so as to help accelerate development of their solutions and bring them to market more quickly.

A concrete example of our work is Finlab, a financial innovation hub that L'Atelier North America has created in tandem with Bank of the West.

Media & Prospective

For the last ten years, our L'Atelier North America analysts and journalists have been closely following innovations emerging in Silicon Valley in order to keep you up to date with what is happening on the local entrepreneurial scene, on new consumer behavior and the local tech culture.

In addition to producing content for our own information website, we create contributions to the L'Atelier Digital podcast on BFM Business in our own studio and also write a weekly column in the ICT section of leading French business news site www.lesechos.fr(French).

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We run networking events at our San Francisco premises at which major corporates, midcap firms and startups come together to share their views on trends that our analysts are following throughout the year.

Working with our partners, including the French American Chamber of Commerce, French Tech San Francisco, and others, we bring together experts, entrepreneurs, representatives of major companies and a targeted audience to examine digital issues and opportunities in a given sector, profession or type of business activity.

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