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At L'Atelier BNP Paribas in Shanghai, we're a team of digital professionals with a passion for innovation and excellence in the projects we deliver. We offer consulting & advisory services to companies and organizations looking at:

  • Understand the Internet & Mobile market and engage Asian consumers
  • Define the optimal digital strategy for communication, marketing and retailing
  • Detect new business opportunities through a continuous tracking of trends and disruptive innovations (Internet, media, telecommunications)

Our experienced and devoted team can assist you at different steps of your projects:

  • Understand the Asian digital landscape uniqueness and identify business opportunities for your company
    Key trends, consumer behaviors, business models, start-ups ecosystem, Internet & Mobile leaders operating in your industry…
    We deliver all the business intelligence you need on the Asian digital markets.

    Typical Services: Industry research, Market & Consumer Study, Learning Expeditions in Asia, Training workshops in Shanghai or Paris
    Sample of clients: Digital Luxury Group, Galeries Lafayette, Richemont, Puma, Redcats


  • Go-to-market strategy
    From simple digital communication project to a full e-commerce activity, L’Atelier provides tailor-made advisory services to help you navigating trough complex decision-making processes: project and strategy design, business modeling, competition analysis and identification of potential partners.
    We provide you with the best strategic advice to enter the Asian digital markets.

    Typical Services : Assessment of Business opportunities, Competition Analysis, Project Auditing & Design
    Sample of clients: Converse, Mustela, Groupe ADEO, Twenga, Ventech

  • “Springboard Events” for service providers and startups in China
    L'Atelier organizes conferences for the MNCs (multi-national companies) community in China focusing on new trends (social media, online shopping, m-commerce...) and specific industries (retail, luxury ...).
    We leverage this network to help our clients build their reputation, make their products known and create new business opportunities.

    Services: Organize an event with us
    Sample of clients : 360Buy, Emailvision, Orange Business Services

  • Monitoring new trends and disruptive innovations
    Whether you are based in Paris, London, New-York or Tokyo, stay up-to-date by receiving every month a professional newsletter presenting the latest trends and innovations impacting your markets.
    We track innovative products and technologies, detect the latest trends arising on the markets and deliver to you a thorough analysis under various formats.

    Monthly reports: Customized newsletters, China "e-Commerce Insider" Report.
    Other services: Dedicated online platform for your company
    Sample of clients: Total, PPR, BNP Paribas

  • Training on Digital Practices for your staff and management
    Located in Shanghai, our training workshops provide learnings about “essential” and “advanced” digital practices (e-PR and social media, search marketing, buzz marketing, e-mail marketing, media planning, KPI’s and dashboards…), combined with peer-learning opportunities from market leaders (case studies, on-site visits, testimonies).
    L’Atelier develops the skills of your people with specifically designed training to meet the unique and rapidly changing requirements of the digital industry.

    Typical Services: Training Workshops (1 to 3 day-sessions)
    Sample of clients: L’Oreal, Danone, Groupe ADEO

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