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Shopping day is coming, again!II

By L'Atelier - Shanghai December 16, 2014 0 comment
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It took more time than usual to buy a sandwich in 7-ELEVEn, and a girl before me bought a bag of goods in the convenience store at the 9:30 which is more unusual. I haven’t realized it’s the Double Twelve until that girl check out with hers Alipay Wallet with some discount. When I checked out, the half price surprised me even just saved 4 yuan.

It is written by Hanna Chen, Analyst Consultant of L'Atelier Asia   I was wandering what strategies would e-commerce giants use for the special day this year. When I saw the banner on Taobao’s home page and receive the message from Tmall... > Read more

Shopping day is coming, again?

By L'Atelier - Shanghai December 02, 2014 0 comment
double 12

Less than one month after Single Day, online shopping platforms put the ads about shopping campaigns on the homepage. For any special day? If double twelve included.

It is written by Hanna Chen, Analyst Consultant of L'Atelier Asia This obviously-‘double eleven’-copycat online campaign has a history, but stores on Tmall joined in it just from last year. Taobao announced the data that the accumulated... > Read more

The Maker Culture is flourishing in China

By Renaud Edouard-Baraud November 25, 2014 0 comment
Transi.St homepage screenshot

The DYI is part of the Chinese culture, but it was more linked to workers that could personalize your electrical bike or scooter in the streets. Now the DIY’s marketing package, “The Maker” is gaining recognition in China.

Those who will jump in the bandwagon could thank early pioneers like hackerspaces like the Shanghai-based XinCheJian, the Beijing-Based Beijing Makerspace Chuang Ke Kongjian www.bjmakerspace.com or the hardware related startups accelerator HAXLR8R in... > Read more

Mobility is re-emerging in Chengdu

By L'Atelier - Shanghai November 18, 2014 0 comment
Bibendum Challenge

Mobility was the theme of the Challenge Bibendum organized by Michelin. The 2014 edition was organized in Chengdu last week.

No place could be more appropriate to talk about mobility that this city of 15 million people, where subway construction rips avenues, where armadas of electric scooters are waiting at red lights, and where huge bus fleets are carrying those who have... > Read more

Techyizu Barcamp: An 'Un-conference' Celebrating Geek Culture

By Scott Si November 11, 2014 2 comments
barcamp workshop

This year, I've been fortunate enough to attend some of the biggest tech conferences here in China. GMIC and Techcrunch Disrupt featured grand venues, eminent speakers, and massive audiences, but the tradeoff to all that is the missing element of close interaction. Last Saturday, I attended a smaller-scale event called Techyizu Barcamp, and came away thoroughly impressed.

It was held in the sparkling new campus of New York University in Pudong, and the wide open spaces provided the perfect venue for open discussions and casual encounters. The event was organized by a group of volunteers and startup enthusiasts in Shanghai... > Read more

3 Papas, the art of social marketing

By Cécilia Wu October 25, 2014 0 comment
3 papas

China’s severe smog and air pollution haunt and vex every citizen in this land, especially the parents having little children who are certainly the most fragile victims among the all. We say adversity sometimes agitates inspiration and creates opportunity, thus comes the story of “Three Papas”.

Living in the most air contaminated city Beijing, three Chinese fathers, albeit without much engineering background, determined to design a more advanced mode of air purifier specifically for children, to give more protection not only for their own... > Read more

Women to Watch China? Look She’s French!

By Renaud Edouard-Baraud October 21, 2014 0 comment
women to watch

When you are close to the feminist movement, it's always a pleasure to see that in big corporations the power is increasingly in the hands of women. It's why I like Women To Watch.

Women to watch is a global contest with local roots, dedicated to marketing and advertising. It's organized by Ad Age Magazine and Thoughtful China. This week will mark the launch of the 4rth edition of the contest, and the... > Read more

Internet medical is coming

By L'Atelier - Shanghai October 14, 2014 1 comment

No one could avoid the trends of internet, even medical treatment, one of the most conservative industries in China. When I entered the meeting room of Mobile Medical & Health Investment Forum, a doctor was giving the speech, ‘ a new resident physician with doctorate only get 2 to 3 thousands per month in Shanghai, a chief physician, however, could get at least one million per year.’ Sure enough, the huge difference impressed me a lot, at the mean time, it gave me a good explanation at the beginning of the online medical’s popularity.

It is written by Hanna Chen, analyst consultant in L'Atelier Asia Everyone could feel the difficulty when go to the hospital in China. Uneven distribution of medical resources lead to the differentiation, people in rural areas are going to the big... > Read more

Making Sense of the Xiaomi Craze

By Scott Si September 24, 2014 0 comment
image credit to Oppomart

Xiaomi is making huge buzz lately. It was only last year when it scooped up Android VP Hugo Barra to head its international expansion, and it’s already paying dividends. Here in the Philippines, the social media sphere lights up with every product announcement of Xiaomi, first with the Mi3, followed by the Mi Powerbank and now the Redmi 1S. I’ve never seen any brand, never mind an upstart Chinese brand, gain traction here so quickly.

Sales haven’t matched up to the buzz yet, and pundits have chalked this up to geopolitical tensions, but I surmise that it’s only the matter of Xiaomi’s strict adherence to the online-only model in a premature e-commerce market,... > Read more

Is Wechat your New Name Card?

By Mandy Shin September 23, 2014 0 comment
Is Wechat your New Name Card?

There is one particular thing about a networking scene in China. People ask your mobile instant messaging ID- to be specific, your Wechat ID-. From small friendly gatherings to business events like conferences and award ceremonies, Wechat now acts as your name card.

Within this year, I participated in various digital scoped events in cities like Beijing and Shanghai, and got to exchange with people from diverse industries. During the tea breaks, as most of the networking breaks in any place go, people would approach... > Read more

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