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Tell me your target audience, I will tell you which Chinese search engine you need !

By Agathe Foussat July 29, 2014 0 comment
Search Engines in China

Meanwhile we were observing the Internet titans Alibaba and Tencent spreading their ecommerce activities, we almost missed the search engines battlefield.

Baidu just published its Q2 results and for the first time, mobile search outnumbers PC users with 500 Million monthly active users Baidu CEO Robin Li declared the company’s “mobile revenue, which is largely comprised of mobile search... > Read more

Riding the Korean Wave in China Pt.2: Risks for Brands

By Mandy Shin July 22, 2014 0 comment
korea wave

As a Korean working in Shanghai, the influence of Korean wave always fascinates me. I have been reading a number of articles and also often had conversations with my colleagues regarding the topic, and learned that there are several hurdles for the Korean showbiz and brands should consider when entering the Chinese market.

The first hurdle is regulation of state government. It is a well known fact that some of world’s leading internet services like Google or Facebook are blocked in China. Either from their worries for propaganda or the protectionism for local... > Read more

Riding the Korean Wave in China Pt. 1: Opportunities for Brands

By Mandy Shin July 15, 2014 0 comment
korean wave

In China, the expression ‘Korean Style’ has become a selling point. Korean fashion, make-up, cuisine and entertainment culture are getting more spotlight than ever before.

Korea’s low-end cosmetics brand ‘Innisfree’ has already opened over 65 stores in the major shopping malls and streets in China since its launching in Shanghai two years ago. Its target this year is to open 100 stores. Aside from the... > Read more

Recap of Startup Weekend Shanghai

By Scott Si July 08, 2014 0 comment

Going into the startup weekend, I didn't know what to expect. I had an idea that I wanted to pitch an interest to get to know the grassroots startup scene in Shanghai a little better. I came out of it with great new friends, countless lessons, the top prize, and a renewed confidence to pursue big things.

The Startup Weekend works as a fastbreak simulation of the entrepreneurial process - from conceptualization to prototyping and pitching - all in the span of one weekend. It was held from June 27 to 29 at the Sino-Finnish Innovation Center in Tongji... > Read more

Is it good to put Xiaobing on Weibo?

By L'Atelier - Shanghai July 01, 2014 0 comment

Every morning, I always log in my Sina Weibo to browse the latest news. Even if the report shows the number of the active users keeps going down, I’m still in this habit. But today, it seems more crowded than usual - not the posts, but the replies. Looking inside, it’s full of replies from a Weibo account called ‘Xiaobing’. Everyone @'s her and asks all kinds of questions. Now I know, Xiaobing does not just target Wechat, but also serves Weibo users.

I still remember that about two years ago, a Korean app called Simsimi was popular in the Appstore. That’s also the rapid growth period of iphone 4S in China. People were so interested chatting with that cute little yellow chick, even sharing the... > Read more

Kathy Xu, perhaps the most successful female investor in China internet business

By Cécilia Wu June 23, 2014 0 comment
Capital today

The upper level of the investment world in China is still dominated by men, quite often haughty and foxy men. No matter how often we pay lip services to “feminism” or “equality of two genders”, this is not going to dramatically change in the near future. However few females have always managed to beat the odds and accomplish kind of success which would win the applause from every woman and excite the blush from every man. Kathy Xu is such woman and perhaps the most successful woman investor in China internet business.

Back in 2008, Forbes already wrote an article about her titled “RainMaker”. In 2014, Forbes ranked her No.47 on the list of Asia Power Woman. Born in an ordinary Chinese family, with a university degree in English, her very first job was... > Read more

Retail innovation in China, sometimes wins more Boo than Wow

By Cécilia Wu June 11, 2014 1 comment
wechat store

There are two interesting news recently about two “innovative retail stores” opening in China. First, largest local delivery service company SF Experess launched so called “virtual shopping” convenience chain stores nationwide. Second, retailer Shopin collaborated with Wechat and experimented with “Wechat Concept Store” in Hangzhou.

Whether “virtual shopping convenience store” or “Wechat Concept Store”, they are very fancy ideas; nevertheless when fancy ideas are put into reality context, they do not necessarily work like a charm. First let us talk about SF... > Read more

Dianping and O2O

By Cécilia Wu June 03, 2014 0 comment

I had a chance to visit this internet company a while ago. It has been around for 11 years in China and even appears not to have any threatening rival now. It actually had and has some competitors, but no one is able to take it down seriously. Whenever I think about it, it is primarily about finding out where and what to eat, though it is already foraying into other sectors. It never acts that cool, boisterous, or glamorous like other major online companies in China. You even do not often notice headline news about it in the media, but it actually manages to infiltrate itself into every Chinese netizen’s daily life. This is Dianping.

Founded in 2003 in Shanghai by a man named ZhangTao who happens to be a foodie himself, Dianping’s humble beginning was simply an online site about restaurant review like Yelp. Round A fundraising from VCs did not occur until the year 2006. Below... > Read more

The Fall of Renren

By L'Atelier - Shanghai May 27, 2014 0 comment

There are a lot of news and comments about Renren recently, but it’s always about Renren’s value going down and disappearing from our life. It’s true for me that the usage of Renren went down from more than 10 times per day to 1 time per month, and I can’t really get the news from my friends as they also stopped posting.

This phenomenon is not new. It began from about 3 years ago, when Sina Weibo got popular even for university students. How did it manage to replace Renren, supposedly the platform made for students? I still remember that vacation after the college ... > Read more

A Recap of the Global Mobile Internet Conference

By Scott Si May 20, 2014 0 comment
GMIC Beijing

Two weeks ago, I was in Beijing to attend the GMIC. With “The Next 5 Billion’ as the theme, discussions mostly revolved around the mobile revolution. If there are still doubts whether the smartphone has become the world’s biggest computing platform, this conference will sweep them all away.

Luminaries and CEOs from Chinese and international companies all pitched in with different takes on the impact of mobile. Facebook talked about connecting the world through internet.org. Coursera shared how MOOCs are having the biggest impact on self-... > Read more

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