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Digital menu order debut in Beijing’s local restaurant

By Cécilia Wu July 31, 2012 0 comment

Research suggests that Chinese consumers tend to leapfrog traditional consumption approaches in favor of the latest digital tools and formats. Therefore in-store digital technology should become crucial to enhance overall consumers’ experience. Now at least a local restaurant in Beijing is trying to sizzle up its menu ordering service by integrating smart phone or ipad.

This Beijing restaurant group is called HuangJiHuang, famous for its dish of three-sauce simmer pot. Once customers enter the restaurant, they just need to use their smart phones to scan the QR code on the table; menu will pop up on the phone, and they... > Read more

China and India, striking online resemblance

By Cécilia Wu July 24, 2012 0 comment
China and India

China and India, two most populous countries in the world, two rising emerging markets, have displayed their striking resemblance in terms of online consumer attitudes, both are tech-savvy, willing to spend more on e-shopping, heightened concerns for online insecurity, and buoyant passion in mobile shopping.

A global study conducted by Worldpay surveyed 19,000 respondents across 15 countries, at least portrayed certain similarities between the two. And let me just summarize some key facts below: Among 15 countries: India resondents spend 36% of their... > Read more

Tomato Love Affair, Good Social Media Lesson

By Cécilia Wu July 19, 2012 0 comment

They say a baby who cries out the loudest gets the most attentions. It might be the golden rule of social media buzz as well. And this is what Liu QiangDong, founder of 360buy (China’s second largest B2C platform, sales in 2011 speculated between RMB 20 billion and 30 billion) is exactly trying to do in order to promote himself and his company in China’s social media, especially in Sina Weibo.

Liu QiangDong always enjoys the spotlight of Sina Weibo, his bickering with rivals, fight over investors, bombast about his company’s achievements etc.  And this time, this 38 years old divorcee, stirred the buzz again, by unintentionally... > Read more

Plow the barren soil of Mobile Augmented Reality in China

By Cécilia Wu July 18, 2012 0 comment

Mobile Augmented Reality (AR) is a cool technology. Its adoption and enhancement have gained solid traction in advanced countries. In Japan, you can get coupons by catching your AR butterflies. In US, mobile AR has been applied to the test on food packaging that can pop out and show you recipes when holding your smart phone over the label. Then what about this trend in China? Well, still seemed to be rather nascent.

Mobile AR should center about interactive marketing and consumer engagement while simplifying purchase journey with a tinge of fun. So I began to wonder if I would like to integrate mobile AR into my branding/marketing purpose, what might be those ideal... > Read more

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