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Picky, pricey or messy e-commerce solution providers in China

By Cécilia Wu September 29, 2012 0 comment
e-commerce solution

The inevitable destiny of every brand in the digital age is doing e-commerce. These days, on behalf of my client, I have been contacting dozens of e-commerce solution service providers in China, hoping to select few suitable candidates. I felt myself as if a matchmaker while my client were a girl, and I would need to pair her with a decent e-commerce service guy for a "blind date". Most I have talked so far are more avid to offer one package service (instead of partially) for e-commerce BPO, from online store setup, design, CRM, IT support to logistics…well logistics can be tricky, because all of them need to cooperate with third party delivery companies, as for warehouse, some rent their own while others need to outsource as well.

Anyhow time for me to spill my certain experiences and I would like to categorize these service providers into: Those pricey and inquisitive ones: Since my client is a foreign brand, firstly I reached out to service providers with foreign background... > Read more

My e-commerce story of “three broken eggs”

By Cécilia Wu September 24, 2012 2 comments

I often find that business men love to talk pompous ideas and are dazzled by statistical numbers (i.e. the staggering double digit growth of China e-commerce). Sure, big ideas and numbers are important, but so what? I care about tiny things, to detect problems and values in the trivialities. Isn’t “Devil is in the details?” Therefore I wished to share my little e-commerce story here, more or less triggered by “three broken eggs”. I shall cut the story into few episodes and highlight my comments.

Okay, let me start with Episode I: Few weeks ago, when I was browsing my Sina Weibo, a tweet suddenly caught my eyes. It was from one of the e-commerce pundits in China whom I follow on Sina Weibo. He said “My buddy Mr. Yao has finally launched his... > Read more

Emakina is launched on the Chinese Digital Jungle

By Renaud Edouard-Baraud September 18, 2012 0 comment

Belgium is now linked to China: Digital Jungle will be the Asian port for corporate customers of the European digital agency

At L’Atelier HQ in Paris, we have a good relationship with Emakina, a digital agency based in Brussels, with offices in Paris, Limoges, Geneva, Rotterdam and London... It makes me think that I must stop saying bad things on Limoges. At L’... > Read more

The Spirit of Ecstasy is giving a call in VoIP from HK

By Renaud Edouard-Baraud September 10, 2012 1 comment
Peninsula capture

Do you what could be the futur of luxury hotels ? Mainly, it's about screens

Managed by a company based in Hong-Kong, The Hongkong and Shanghai Hotels, The Peninsula is a luxury hotel chain, and one of the oldest asian brand in this sector. Two days ago, they decided to announce the creation of an online travel journal and... > Read more

ebusiness flower power = customization and industrial strategies

By Renaud Edouard-Baraud September 10, 2012 0 comment
inkfruit home

I like web/mobile startups. Really. But what I really love is industrial startups.

My own definition: a young or old-with-awesome-digital-strategy company that uses web and mobile to connect consumers to industrial machinery. That's why I'm so excited about Atol Les Opticiens, Moodbyme, about Les Nouveaux Ateliers, and the... > Read more

Touchscreen in taxi to shop for Spanish wine, will you?

By Cécilia Wu September 10, 2012 0 comment

On September 8th, I discerned that you can buy Spanish wine via touch-screen installed in some taxis in Shanghai. A sort of new shopping touch-point, but for wine category, will it really work? Because a bottle of western wine is not somewhat impulsive purchase for Chinese consumers, at least in my opinion.

This touchscreen services are powered by an in-taxi media network company called “Touchmedia”. Basically there is a touch-sensitive, color LCD, interactive screen installed in the back of the taxicab headrest, which often broadcasts a mix of... > Read more

Kai-Fu Lee bites on acrid Citron, but still more China tech short sellers around

By Cécilia Wu September 07, 2012 0 comment
Lee and Left

These days I noticed that a tiny US company with a fruit name “Citron”, with around 3000 followers on Twitter, has become the center of the spotlight of “a fraud of anti-fraud”; thanks to China’s tech guru Kai-Fu Lee’s indignant condemnation on it. The burning question is: will this joint protestation, from Lee and other 60 Chinese business elites, help to achieve their goal of cleansing the funky air of shorting China concept stock in US?

Let me start with the so called “villain” (at least in the eyes of most Chinese) Andrew Left in our story. According to Wikipedia, he is somewhat controversial and had a little troubling past. His first job had been a salesman for a trading... > Read more

Starbucks Weixin campaign cannot get any lamer

By Cécilia Wu September 05, 2012 0 comment

On August 28th, Starbucks in China joined the rising wave of Weixin(Wechat) and launched a social mobile campaign titled “naturally awake”. I was impressed by its agile and quick adoption, but call me “nuts” if you like, I would mark a big “F” on its scorecard for this campaign. Ask me why? Then I shall proceed to spill my acid comments below.

It has been my second time writing the topic of Weixin. So I will not insult you by repeating what is, and for those who really do not know, you can read my previous introduction about it in here. Okay, back to our story of “Starbucks on Weixin... > Read more

US baby asks China Baby “No baby flash deals site on your side?”

By Cécilia Wu September 03, 2012 1 comment

One day US baby bumped into a China baby and said “Hey, you know what, flash deal sites for mum & baby have been doing good in here. Totsy.com just raised USD 18.5 million in August. Zulily.com is pretty awesome, too. What about your side?” Well, China baby rolled eyes and muttered “I am not sure, have seen flash deal site for luxury, but maybe not the type you mentioned. Anyway we have big online malls for babies, and they have an imbedded section called “flash sale”, so who needs those vertical private sale sites?”

Above is just an imaginary conversation in my head. Of course they would never talk about e-commerce like this. Nevertheless recently I was bewildered by the fact that whereas Totsy and Zulily are catching up the thriving rush of flash sale devoted to... > Read more

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