Miaozhen Systems

Miaozhen Systems is the leading third-party advertising technology company in China.
Founded in 2006, with more than 280 employees, Miaozhen Systems is a novel high-tech enterprise and ‘Soft-Soft’ certificated company. Miaozhen Systems headquarters in Beijing, with branch offices in Shanghai, Guangzhou and Singapore.

Miaozhen Systems process over 2TB data per day, with data processing capability of 100 billion ad requests every day. The cumulative data storage is over 2PB. The exclusive Moment Tracking Technology helps advertisers, agencies and publishers in efficiently measuring online campaign impact (including reach, frequency and demography of target audience), and enhance their online advertising returns. Various leading multinational brands including P&G, Microsoft ,Coca-Cola, Volkswagen, L’Oreal, KFC are using tools and solutions provided by Miaozhen Systems.

As the leading third-party advertising technology company, Miaozhen Systems provide impartial, scientific and reliable data and solutions, promoting advertising industry to innovate and develop.

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