e-Health 2015: focus on the latest trends in Silicon Valley

Jun 08 2015

Date :

Monday, June 08, 2015

Duration :

5 days

Location :

2415 Third Street, suite 231 - San Francisco, CA 94107 - United States of America

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Keywords : e-Health, e-health

 focus on the latest trends in Silicon Valley

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Drawing on the work carried out during the e-Health learning expedition in 2013, L'Atelier is offering a new immersion programme to observe and identidy the latest trends in the HEALTH sector.

The introduction of new information and communication technologies in this sector is permanently transforming its practices and confronting it with new challenges.

These technological advances also offer unique opportunities: to “re-medicalise” regions that have been deprived of medical services, to engage and build close relationships with customers, patients and doctors, wherever they’re located, etc.


Access to health care in the United States is a critical issue that’s forcing the players in the sector to invent innovative and sustainable new models. Silicon Valley is at the forefront of this dynamic, as a key region in the e-Health market with a high concentration of prestigious research centres, specialised incubators, venture capital funds and major software companies.

To help you understand this topic, L’Atelier is offering a 3 or 5-day immersion programme in San Francisco that will address the following issues:

Monday, 8 June to Friday, 12 June 2015 (arrival on 7 June)

- Day 1 : Big trends and Research Centers

- Day 2 : Personalized medicine and quantified self 

- Day 3 : Big Data and Analytics

- Day 4 : Digital Devices and wearable

- Day 5 : Health Consumer engagement and Health platform

By taking part in this immersion programme, you will be able to:

  • Understand emerging local trends with the potential to inspire you in developing your business
  • Anticipate future challenges and develop new solutions
  • Get to know the key companies and the new players in this sector

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