Learning expeditions

L'Atelier Learning Expeditions help clients to stay in touch with the most innovative entreprises, new organisations and work methods

You will meet iconic new start-ups, picking up on those faint signals that give advance clues to the innovative trends of tomorrow. This is the ideal way to get a real feel for innovation. A trip of several days to the heart of the target area will help you to see, feel and grasp how innovation can improve your products and services and enhance your brand performance.

L'Atelier will then help you to present the innovations you identify during these discovery missions to your Executive Committee so that your company can transform those ideas into practical projects.

Our clients expectations

  • Set up an effective tracking process in order to capitalise on new usages and opportunities arising from new technologies
  • Discover innovations that will enable you to differentiate yourself from the competition
  • Acquire better knowledge and understanding of internet users and their behaviour
  • Find potential business partners established in the target country, who will assist you in setting up and launching your international projects
  • Meet with top consultancies to brainstorm ideas and work on the operational aspects of your project
  • Make Executive Committee members and high-flyers aware of new forms of company organisation and new uses of ICTs

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