Having helped our clients over the years to get to grips with new ways of using information technology through our tracking activities, study reports and recommendations, L'Atelier is now going a step further in offering specific support on IT topics.

This is aimed both at Executive Committee members and line and support function management - Communications, Marketing, e-commerce, HR etc - for whom IT has become a strategic issue.

L'Atelier obtained the official recognition of the French authorities as a training organisation (reference n° 11 75 45395 75 ) on 28 May 2010.

Our clients expectations

  • Incorporate IT uses into the various layers of their organisation - Executive Committee, operational and support function management
  • Train thei teams to a proficient level on the new uses of ICTs -social media, community management, social networks, e-reputation, social CRM, e-commerce, etc )
  • Engender a different kind of team commitment and give them the means of participating in the innovation process

Our services

  • Training sessions
  • Workshops
  • Creativity sessions
  • Learning expedition
  • "Thema" conferences

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