Animation Films Part II

By March 05, 2007

This week in the You Tube show, more of animation films! There are lot of films I love on you Tube and only four last week was not enough to be a good reflection of the diversity of films you can find... Here are some more, enjoy!

  Animator vs. Animation Part II The follow-up of last week's first video. This time Animator is experiencing more trouble to get rid of the creature...      Kiwi A Master's Thesis Animation Film, funny and promising!       Heck No! (I'll never listen to tekno) A great stop motion animated film about robots and technos... Will President Bush declare a new war after that?     Love Letters You want to propose your girlfriend, make it simple! What you need is a team of 20 people crazy about animation, three months, a very big screen and Bob's your uncle! And you can even get on TV for that...

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