Forty-Three Percent of Gen Y to Use Mobile Banking in the Next Year

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Gen Y is rapidly adopting mobile banking, finds a study by Fiserv, a provider of financial technology solutions As would be expected, Gen Y is already very comfortable with online banking. Forty-eight percent of Gen Y with a cr

edit card signed up for that card online. Eighty percent used online banking in the last month, and most prefer to keep financial information on their computers rather than on paper.

When it comes to mobile banking, looking at Gen Y’s adoption of this relatively new sector shows just how bright its future will be.

One-third of Gen Y has used mobile banking in the last month, compared to only 11 percent of Baby Boomers (we wish Fiserv had compared populations slightly closer in age). Forty-three percent of Gen Y users plan on trying mobile banking in the next year.

While the most common form of mobile banking that Gen Y plans on using is checking balances (32 percent), a healthy 15 percent plan on receiving and paying bills via mobile. This represents more than 1.5 million Gen Y households.

Much of remainder of the study regards off-line stuff, but here are a few other findings that concern the Web:

Twenty-five percent of Gen Y relies on bank websites for information and 11 percent rely on financial forums for information, “indicating a growing importance for financial institutions to maintain and grow online communications,” according to the study.

Less than half of Gen Y trusts their financial institution, but they do recommend to others more than older generations do.

“Elevating their satisfaction rates can amplify referrals made within social networks,” according to the study.

Also interesting is that Gen Y seems to be trending away from credit cards and towards debit cards, and that overall, they are more responsible financially than older demographics.

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