Google's Matthew Glotzbach Analyzes A Year of Cloud Computing in Office 2.0 Keynote

By September 04, 2008

Matthew Glotzbach delivered the second Keynote speech today at the Office 2.0 Conference. Glotzbach is Head of the Enterprise Product Team at Google, rather a secretive section until recently. His topic: "10 things I can do in the cloud today that I couldn't do a year ago." (Assume all applications are Google's unless otherwise noted) "#10 Anything Everything on the go" The iPhone makes all cloud-based workflow, including Google Apps, possible in a more accessible fashion while traveling. "#9 Search through all my email..." With 25 GB in Gmail, the concept of never deleting email is possible. "...and check email from my IMAP client"

"#8 Chat with customers and partners in any language"
Glotzbach presents Hosted Talk Gadget, a browser-based chat with language-specific bots to do real time translations in an IM setting.

"#7 Collaborate simply and securely on projects with Sites & Docs"

"#6 Organize all my business travel with email" organizes emailed travel information, builds a master itinerary and creates an iCal feed.

"#5 Easily collect data from co-workers and customers using forms"
Docs spreadsheet has a feature where a survey can be easily embedded in a blog.

"#4 Build any scalable business application on the cloud platform"
Examples include, Amazon Web Services and Google App Engine.

"#3 Use online templates for documents, spreadsheets & presos"

"#2 Run fast, secure and stable web applications"
New browser Chrome focuses on speed and security. The V8 Benchmark clocks IE at 20, Chrome at 1190 (yes, bigger is better).

"#1 Securely share video in Apps"
"Adoption is up... and usage is accelerating." 3000 new businesses sign up every day. One year ago 46% of Word Processor usage was on Microsoft Word, 17% was on OpenOffice, and 11% was GoogleDocs. Currently usage is Word: 46%, OpenOffice: 16%, GoogleDocs: 20%. As usual, the more flexible OpenOffice users are the minority, and many are now on the forefront of the Cloud Office trend. At this stage, Cloud Office equals Google Docs, but a future browser-based OpenOffice is much anticipated.

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