Idle Computers Cost US Organizations Billions Annually

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50 percent of working Americans leave their office PCs on when they leave for the night, creating a massive carbon footprint. Leaving one unused PC on can cost up to $26 a year. The total cost of all PCs left unused by US corporations is several billion dollars, according to 1E’s “PC Energy Report 2009.” “Collectively, US organizations waste $2.8 billion every year powering 108 million unused PCs. In 2009, these unused PCs are expected to emit approximately 20 million tons of carbon dioxide emissions – roughly equivalent to the impact of 4 million cars,” according to the report. The cost of running PCs, the largest IT energy expenditure, can account for up to a quarter of an office’s energy costs.

Power management is one of the best ways to improve a business’s IT environmental footprint, and can have a massive effect on global energy consumption.

“If all of the world’s 1 billion PCs were powered down for just one night, it would save enough energy to light up New York City’s Empire State Building – inside and out – for more than 30 years,” according to the report.

Globally, PCs and monitors generate 39 percent of IT’s carbon emissions, equaling a year’s footprint of 43.9 million cars.

Ironically, even though a half of US employees leave their computers on when they leave the office, 63 percent believe that their companies should be doing more to reduce energy use. 14 percent of US workers don’t power down at night because “it takes too long.”

Rock on, Protestant work ethic.

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[...] Idle Computers Cost US Organizations Billions Annually [...]

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Submitted by Blog BNP Paribas | The bank for a changing world » Nig (not verified) - on April 03, 2009 at 09:03 am

I work in an office with over 700 employees. Our tech group makes us leave the PC's on when we leave due to the updates they may install when everyone is out for the night. I am going to suggest they take a look at switching the policy to send an email when they need the computers on for updates as opposed to simply leaving them on everynight. Its a complete waste of money and energy.

Submitted by David (not verified) - on April 06, 2009 at 08:34 am

Good luck with IT, David. If you point out the bottom line, I'm sure they'd be receptive. Every computer that's turned off when not in use saves $0.50 a day? That adds up fast!

Submitted by admin - on April 06, 2009 at 01:50 pm

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