Samsung Re-Enters Laptop Market with NP-X460

By October 16, 2008 2 comments

The computer laptop market is changing, but for better or for worse? While Apple is making moves into the cheaper laptop market, Samsung is moving into Apple’s territory by releasing its own premium line—price at $1599 and up. The NP-X360 and NP-X460 (picture right), designed to compete with Apple’s Air, symbolizes Samsung’s reentrance into the laptop market. But perhaps Samsung should have listened to its marketing department before designing its new line.

For starters, at 0.6 inches the X360 is thicker than the Air, which means Mac can still market itself as the world’s thinnest laptop. To re-enter the market, without setting a precedent, may not attract attention. Also, with the economy at its lowest since the Great Depression, there is no guarantee that there is a strong market for premium laptops. Apple has already slashed its prices on its Macbook and Macbook Pro. The Air may be next. So where’s Samsung’s edge?

True, the bulk of the market is predominantly PCs and therefore profit may exist. True, the X360 is $200 cheaper than the Apple Air. However, the Apple brand has become one of the most reliable and goliath names in the business. Withstanding Apple’s recent price cuts and leak of The Brick, many consider the Cupertino-based company to be catered to the luxury laptop market.

Time will tell whether Samsung can compete. The South-Korean Company announced October 14th that it plans to release the X360 and X460 in early November.

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i dont understand the over-1500$ non-gaming laptop market. why pay over 1500 just because it's skinny and easier to break when you could pay the same and get a machine that can run worth-while programs and games.

if all u want it internet and office you can get a machine for a couple hundo (thats hundred for you n00bs)

Submitted by bob (not verified) - on October 17, 2008 at 10:55 am

its also got 4-5 hrs batt,
weighs 1.9kg,
super bright LED (if not a bit washed out),
and has an optical drive

on the "easier to break" u clearly have no hand on experience "bob", its very solid, i have picked it up from the front corner with screen open no flex or creek which is very good

yes the extra money is going towards the thinness and low weight but if u travel that going to be an issue everyday

so it a full fat laptop (not the gpu) with a netbook type weight/portability

this review dosent really highlight the positives, but thats probably becausaes its being compared to the air....
but it doese correctly highlight the negatives (overpriced)

Submitted by jj (not verified) - on August 08, 2009 at 04:46 am

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