When data visualization helps SMBs better understand online metrics

By January 24, 2013 9 comments
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Businesses have access to metrics from many aspects of their online presence. Data platform SumAll believes these data sets should be brought together to provide greater insights.

Metrics offer a tremendous resource for companies to measure and adapt their online presence. This data is available from a number of source – eCommerce platforms, social networks, website analytics, and SMBs may need an additional tool to organize those data sets, and understand how they interact with each other. Connected data platform SumAll, which specializes in data visualization for small businesses, views these various separate data platform collections as “silos,” and wants to give businesses of all sizes an easily accessible way to connect these data silos and create a more meaningful insights experience. 

Breaking data silos…

SumAll offers companies a free tool to connect all their data and get more valuable insights into the different areas of online performance, including social, commerce, payments, and site traffic, thanks to easy to understand analytics that compare all those different data sets. With the NYC-based startup’s free service, a company can connect their Google Analytics, PayPal, Facebook, Shopify, and many other services and view them together on a single dashboard. These platforms populate the “Library” portion of the SumAll dashboard. Small Businesses can easily witness patterns and trends. Connecting Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Google Analytics can show how a business is marketing itself, what works and what doesn’t. But more interestingly, Gathering all this data into one place makes it much easier to see the relationships between social media posts, web traffic and transactions.

To give companies meaningful performance insights

In other words, SumAll also lets SMBs understand how social activity is converting into sales. Sales trends can be gleaned by a combination of social and commerce platforms – for instance, connecting social networks plus Google Analytics and AdWords can give insight on how Facebook Likes translate into business performance. If a brand runs a Facebook contest, marketers would be able to analyze the actual impact of the campaign on sales. Multiple Analytics and Facebook accounts can be connected to show growth across a more complex business. As their blog says, “Connected data is the future of analytics.” 


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